The real reason I never seem to blog...

It's been horribly quiet around these halls lately and in my last post I tried to give a rundown of all the exciting events in my life that kept pulling me away and that I hoped to be more frequent.  Well, that obviously didn't happen!  The other day I was thinking about how much I'd like to blog and suddenly realized why it was that I didn't/couldn't/hadn't.

The truth is, my son went from a sweet (mainly sedentary) little sitter to a wild and crazy crawler, soon to be walker!  I went from being able to tidy the house, throw together quick meals, or even turn on the computer to jot down a quick note, to devoting his every awake moment to ensuring his safety and development.

It is insanely awesome to watch how much more he learns to do every day, but it does mean that all my daily cleaning is jammed into the one to two hours he naps in the morning (generally don't even have those afternoon naps, since the Mr. is home and we always seem to have one thing or another that needs to be done)!  Add that to the fact that if I dare to turn the computer on in his awake presence, I am in for a plethora of mashed buttons and "up! up! up!"s and we have a recipe for no-blogginess!

During my usual free hours in the evening, I have been admittedly exhausted from all the running after all menfolk in my home!  Today I went insane with cleaning all day and was rewarded with a sparkling kitchen, a good deal of laundry folded and put away, some delicious meals for both lunch and supper! (The crowd goes wiiiilllddd!!)  So!  Here I am actually making a mention of my life in text, aaaaaaand now I'm off to whip together a meatloaf and maybe something for the crock pot for tomorrow to keep my "I'm ahead of my own game" roll going!  No rest for the wicked, right?! ;)

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